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Canna Flush Nutrients 250ml, 1l, 5l Plant Food

CANNA FLUSH is an additive that helps remove excess nutrients from your plants and also your growing media.

Canna Flush can be used when over feeding has occurred and you want to minimise plant damage or when its time to harvest, and you would like the taste of your crop to shine through! Canna Flush will do this without affecting the microlife (beneficial bacteria and fungi) that may be present in your substrate.

Why should you use CANNA FLUSH?

When used just before harvest it makes sure the plant gets rid of all excess, which will lead to a clean and tasteful harvest.

CANNA FLUSH effectively cleans the substrate without killing any useful bacteria or beneficial fungi, as can be the case when you use reverse osmosis or de-mineralised water.

It can be used on all substrates.

CANNA FLUSH is recyclable.

Flushing excess nutrients from drainable substrates:

Soil or Soil-less mixes:

Dilute 20 ml concentrate per 10 litre of water (1:500) until you have drain

Water plants once with plain tap water according to normal watering frequency until you have drain

Then resume normal feeding schedule

Hydroponics (open systems):

Administer the diluted FLUSH (40ml per 10 litre water, which is 1:250) the last feed of the day until there is 10-20% drain

Water plants once with plain tap water until you have drain

Start administering according to normal feeding schedule (with 10-20% drain) the following day

Before harvest (annual crops only)

Start one to two weeks before harvest and apply at above rates and in the above fashion once a week.

Continue through harvest on a normal feeding schedule.?

Re-using inert substrates

CANNA FLUSH is ideal for cleaning inert substrates (like clay pebbles). Add diluted CANNA FLUSH (40ml/10 litre tap water).

Soak for 24 hours then rinse with same amount of tap water. Repeat if necessary.

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