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Do I need additives?

Do I need additives? Growing outdoors for beginners. Additives are a bonus. A plant has a number of basic requirements: light, water, carbon dioxide, a nice temperature and humidity. If these requirements are fulfilled and you’re also providing basic nutrition, you do not necessarily need additives. However, they can give your plants a good bit […]

Do I need basic nutrition?

Do I need basic nutrition? Growing outdoors for beginners. Plants need certain elements to reach flowering. Three of these elements can be gotten from air and water: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. But apart from these, a plant needs other essential nutrients. An element is called essential if a plant cannot complete its life cycle without […]

Pros and cons of growing plants outside

Growing outdoors for beginners. The biggest advantage of growing outdoors is obvious: your plant gets free light and water. This has a drawback in itself, though, because you cannot control the light source (the sun) or the quantity of rainwater. There can be too much rain in a short time, and at other times it […]

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