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DRYIT90 80cm 5 Layer Dryer


Secret Jardins dryer is a dryer equipped with a hook. So you can hang them to each other or to the HANDLING tube in your grow tent, after your harvest.


With its unique coupling, the monkey fan is attached to the metal structure/frame in your grow tent.


Monkey Fan 30W Circulator Fan Compatible with Secret Jardin tents: Tube Ø16 to Ø21 mm Does not fall – Easy to install – Easy to adjust in height – Metal Grid Engine 100% Copper Weight: 1.1 kg Dimension: W x H x D: 28 x 15 x 25.5 cm Grid Diameter : 23 cm Propeller [...]


The Cosmorrow LED is a compact, durable, waterproof 24-volt LED light. It can be screwed in, clipped or hung, using the fasteners included in the Cosmorrow Power Supply, which is sold separately.


Can be daisy chained with two lights only! If you choose to have two LED's , choose the 2x20w Power adapter to daisy chain! If you are just looking for a single light setup the 1x20w Power adapter is for you!


The Secret Jardin PROPAGATION range of product is dedicated to cuttings, seedling, and mother plants. Depending on the available space you have and how many cuttings you’d like, Secret Jardin provides different tents sizes, from the all-in-one Green House 70 to the dark propagator 120 which has several shelves. Description : Grow room station made of [...]


The PROFESSIONNAL grow room range is what you deserve as a grower. Made of a strong Ø19mm structure and a tear-proof 210D canvas, professionnnal grow rooms will answer all your needs and requirements. Dark Room includes many accessories to manage your space and make your life easier. Description : Professional grow tent made of the [...]


Want to get a successful harvest ? The Dark Street IV is our dedicated range for limited spaces from 0.36 to 1,44 square meters. Built with high quality materials, it brings professional standards to small tents users. Ready to use, you can install your Dark Street easily with all accessories that are included. Description : High [...]


The HPLED are Full Spectrum lamps adapted to the growth (Blue 450 nm) and flowering (Red 660 nm) of your plants. Easy to install, with their height adjustment system included, they have a “passive” cooling system giving them a very long life (3 year guarantee)


Hydro Shoot Grow Tent have been manufactured for both beginners and experienced gardeners looking for a great value. Hydro Shoot fits perfectly for both growing and flowering thanks to all accessories you can use on it. Easy and quick to assemble, made of a strong steel structure and a full Mylar Fabric, Hydro Shoot are [...]


The small Secret Jardin Lodge grow tent uses the same technology as Dark Street and features 3 grow spaces.