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Fan Controllers

Fan Speed Controller


Variispeed Fan Speed Controller The Variispeed Fan Speed Controller adjusts and controls the speed of your fans. This then ensures a longer life of the fan motor. It has variable speed control along with full power and off and is suitable for up to 300w.


AIR-PRO II The RAM AIR-PRO II is an intelligent and silent indoor climate controller designed to control two inline/exhaust fans thermostatically, monitoring and keeping the desired room temperature and air pressure. All you have to do is plug in your fans, set the required air temperature and fan speed/balance and the AIR-PRO will do the [...]


This SMSCOM temperature sensor is used for upgrading the SMSCOM Smart Controller, to ensure constant temperature control in your grow room.


Excludes temperature sensor. Please purchase temperature sensor separately. The SMSCOM Smart Controller MK2 is designed to maintain a constant temperature inside your grow room (If used with temp. sensor), whilst keeping your airflow under control at all times. The Smart Controller uses SMSCOM’s Motion Flow software system, therefore it reacts completely different to the usual types of [...]