Fans and Filters

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As hydroponic ventilation experts, understands the importance of having the right balance of air movement for the growth and yield of your plants.
We provide high quality, specialist ventilation equipment for grow rooms, grow tents and other hydroponic growing environments. All of our fans, carbon filters, ducting, fan speed controllers and air movement accessories have been designed by growers, for growers.

Extractor Fans

Can ISO Max 1 Speed Fan


Can ISO Max 1Speed Fan is a Swiss-made fan. This fan is unique because it's an integrated fan and silencer.

Extractor Fans

CAN ISOMax 3 Speed Fan


Iso-Max is a totally unique diagonal tube fan, designed to be efficient, powerful and silent.

Carbon Filters

CAN Lite Carbon Filters


CAN Lite Carbon Filters Can-Filters provides one of natures best odour control materials, Activated Carbon. Controlled grain size and large surface area give full rated airflow and more than 99% odour removal. The Can-Lite carbon filter is the latest addition to the Can-Filters Carbon filter range. Recently released after years of testing and research, the [...]

Fans and Filters

Clamp 60mm – 160mm


Clamp 60mm – 160mm Ducting These quick release and easy-to-use clamps are used to attach fans and filters to ducting.

Fans and Filters

Clamp 60mm – 325mm


Clamp 60mm – 325mm Ducting These quick release and easy-to-use clamps are used to attach fans and filters to ducting

Fans and Filters

Ducting Tee Connectors


Ducting Tee Connector 100mm – 315mm Wentylation Ideal for diverting airflow or air cooling.

Fans and Filters

Ducting Y Connector


Ducting Y Connector 100mm – 315mm Wentylation Ideal for diverting airflow or air cooling.

Fan Controllers

Fan Speed Controller


Variispeed Fan Speed Controller The Variispeed Fan Speed Controller adjusts and controls the speed of your fans. This then ensures a longer life of the fan motor. It has variable speed control along with full power and off and is suitable for up to 300w.

Fans and Filters

Gekko Acoustic Boxs


Gekko Acoustic Box 150mm – 315mm Extractor Fan Wentylation Gekko acoustic Box fans don’t just look the part, they’ve been designed and engineered to operate at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air. They are premium quality products, assembled in the UK using precision engineered components. The highlights of the Gekko Fan [...]


The Wireless Thermostat is a plug and play unit with a portable design which allows it to be hung, placed or even wall mounted anywhere in your grow room or tent. The thermostat features an in-built temperature sensor and an automatic wireless connection between the remote thermostat and then reciever switch. It has a backlit LCD display [...]


With its unique coupling, the monkey fan is attached to the metal structure/frame in your grow tent.


Monkey Fan 30W Circulator Fan Compatible with Secret Jardin tents: Tube Ø16 to Ø21 mm Does not fall – Easy to install – Easy to adjust in height – Metal Grid Engine 100% Copper Weight: 1.1 kg Dimension: W x H x D: 28 x 15 x 25.5 cm Grid Diameter : 23 cm Propeller [...]

Fans and Filters

Ona Air filter


ONA Air Filters allow for the complete and continuous air filtration of your indoor gardens air exhaust. Just attach to your ventilation system, insert the desired number of ONA blocks, and any unwanted odours will be removed from your ducting, quickly effectively and permanently. Freshness that Lasts! ONA air filters will provide continuous neutralisation of [...]


Pressed Ventilation Reducer 100mm – 315mm Used to reduce from one standard ventilation size to another.


Prima Klima Twin speed Extractor Hydroponic fan The new Prima Klima Dual Speed range of grow room fans are a must for those wanting a little more control over their growroom ventilation! High quality fans with a higher than average air/volume capacity, available in two models . Specifically designed for the horticultural market. – Significantly quieter [...]


Quiet and power efficient 3 speeds, controlled by either a dual dial or a pull cord switch Perfect for cooling offices, living spaces and grow rooms Easy to assemble Multi region plug Easily attaches to your wall


The RAM SONODUCT Acoustic Ducting is ideal for reducing duct borne noise as well as fan muffling and heat. Constructed using micro perforated inner ducting to dampen noise and an acoustically transparent inter-liner which acts as a vapour barrier, this ducting has 25mm fibrewool insulation and is covered with an outer jacket, which is a multi-layer [...]


Air movement is very important in your grow room as it strengthens up your plants and circulates the air around, creating more even temperatures throughout. Tip: Air circulators work in a different way to fans and are the best for moving air within a grow room. The correct way to use them to maximise their performance [...]


AIR-PRO II The RAM AIR-PRO II is an intelligent and silent indoor climate controller designed to control two inline/exhaust fans thermostatically, monitoring and keeping the desired room temperature and air pressure. All you have to do is plug in your fans, set the required air temperature and fan speed/balance and the AIR-PRO will do the [...]

Circulator Fans

Ram Circulator Fan


RAM 150mm Clip On Fan (6″) – 15w Circulator Fan The RAM Clip On Fan has a quality high output with quiet motor and sturdy clips. This 150mm (6″) fan has 2 speed settings and an adjustable head. It is easy to assemble with a 1.4 metre power cord and multi-region plug.

Circulator Fans

RAM ECO Fan 300mm(12″)


This RAM ECO Fan is ideal for a space-conscious grower. Its narrow design makes it ideal to fit into a grow room or grow tent providing excellent air circulation. Better than concentrating all the power into one direction. The grille will spin on this fan making the air change direction (like an oscillating movement).


RAM HEAVY DUTY PEDESTAL FAN The 450mm Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan (18”) is a sturdy and reliable fan perfect for a larger grow room. The fan offers great power output meaning it can cool down and grow room quickly, for when you need a fast cooling effect. Key features: Quiet operation means less noise in your [...]


RAM HEAVY DUTY WALL FAN The 450mm Heavy Duty Wall Fan (18″) – 3 Speed helps increase the air flow within the grow room without taking up any space, due to its sturdy wall mountable design. The fan is equipped with an oscillating function, allowing the fan to distribute large amounts of air consistently through [...]


An optimised design for high pressure and quiet air movement.


The RAM ALUDUCT Low Noise Ducting with a metal layer on the inside and a clear layer on the outside makes it flexible and adaptable to shape. The clear layer works effectively to minimise the noise of the foil.


Ram Mixed-Flow Inline Extractor Fan 100mm – 200mm With 2 speed A switched two speed mixed-flow inline fan which is optimised for high pressure and quiet air movement. The RAM Mixed-Flow Inline fan has an integral mounting bracket and is fitted with an IEC socket. Featuring Fast Clean The RAM Mixed-Flow Inline fan features a [...]


RAM 180mm (7”) Oscillating Multi Fan – 20W A versatile fan with multiple applications. Includes multiple clip styles meaning this fan can stand on flat surfaces, hang from a suitable wall screw (not included), clip to a horizontal object, or hang from vertical poles (16-25 mm diameter). The RAM Oscillating Multi Fan has 2 speed [...]


RAM 400mm (16″) Pedestal Fan Circulator Fan This oscillating RAM Pedestal Fan is reliable and quiet. The base of this fan provides a solid, sturdy support. It has an adjustable 400mm (16”) head with a finger safe mesh grill. It has three-speed settings and the height of the fan can easily be adjusted.


Manufactured using only the finest Australian mined carbon, the Red Scorpion offers minimal pressure drop through the fan whilst maintaining high performance in air scrubbing.


Red Scorpion Inline Duct fans are constructed from carbon steel and offer real quality and high pressure airflow.

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