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Grow Light Lamps
Grow lamps, shorter production, healthier plants, and improved CO2 assimilation..

Grow Light Bulbs

Gavita Pro Plus Bulbs


Gavita Pro Plus EL DE UK 750W400V,1000W400V Hydroponics Grow Light

Grow Light Bulbs

Lumatek Bulbs


Lumatek 250W Metal Halide,250W-400W-600W-1000W HPS, 600W-1000W Metal Halide Hydroponics Grow Light Lumatek Dual Spectrum HPS Bulbs Lumatek have launched their new range of horticultural HID grow bulbs. Tuned to the ultra-high operating frequency of the Digital Lumatek Ballasts , the bulbs components have been reinforced making them much more robust and therefore a long life [...]

Grow Light Bulbs

Lumii Black HPS


Lumii Black HPS Bulb 400W,600W Hydroponics Grow Light The LUMii SunBlaster lamp is available in two sizes – 400w and 600w. The 400w lamp gives an output of 140 lumens per watt (56000 lumens) and the 600w lamp gives an output of 155 lumens per watt (93000 lumens). The crystal glass used offers consistent thickness [...]

Grow Light Bulbs

Osram Plantastar HPS


Osram Plantastar HPS Bulb 400W,600W,1000W Hydroponics Grow Lights This Dual spectrum HPS Bulb from Osram is suitable for horticulture lighting and is perfect for the flowering stage as it has a 20% increased blue spectrum which is needed near the end off the flowering cycle. Benefits Specially matched to the absorption spectrum for photosynthesis For [...]


Philips Master Green Power Hydroponics 600W 400V Grow Light Philips MASTER GreenPower 600W -400V-E40 This is a special 400 volt version of the Philips GreenPower Bulb series. This 600 watt 400 volt EL lamp runs at 400 volts and is used with 600W (400V) ballast. The Philips Master GreenPower bulb is specially adapted to the [...]

Grow Light Bulbs

Philips Son-T Plus HPS 600W


Screw this High Pressure Sodium lamp into any of our reflectors and use it with a PowerPlant ballast. This is a High Pressure Sodium lamp for an E40 Lamp Holder.

Grow Light Bulbs

Sylvania Grolux HPS Bulb


Sylvania Grolux HPS Bulb 400W, 600W Hydroponics Grow Light Sylvania Grolux High Pressure Sodium Bulb Sylvania have manufactured the Grolux to the same exacting standards for years and it remains THE reference dual spectrum lamp for the entire hydroponics lighting industry. If you want to grow and flower under the same lamp then choose Sylvania [...]

Grow Light Bulbs

T5 Lamp 4ft (122cm)


EnviroGro by LUMii 54w T5 Lamps – To suit 4ft (122cm) T5 unit Hydroponics Grow Light EnviroGro’s T5 System delivers performance and flexibilty along with high lumen output in any growing environment. Replacement lamps for 4ft T5 systems

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