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Monitoring and Control

Calibration Fluid EC/CF


Vitalink Essentials Calibration Buffer PH7 Solution 250ml Control Hydroponics Essentials Calibration Buffer PH7 Solution 250ml Control Hydroponics Use VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer solution to calibrate pH meters. This pH 4 Buffer solution gives an accurate representation of the pH scale at pH4 to measure against. Use VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer 4 for a 2 point calibration scale. [...]

Monitoring and Control

Vitalink Calibration Fluid 250 ml


Vitalink Essentials CalibrationFluid EC/CF 2.8ms Solution 250ml Control Hydroponics Vitalink Essentials Calibration EC/CF 2.8ms Solution 250ml Control Hydroponics Use Vitalink ESSENTIALS calibration solutions to calibrate EC/CF meters. CF Calibration fluid now makes it easier for you to calibrate as it is set to read CF28 at 20 degrees (room temperature) When using electronic EC testers [...]

Nutrients and Additives

VitaLink Hydrate


VitaLink Hydrate 250ml Hydroponic Plant Food VitaLink Hydrate will help plants through periods of water stress. For plants that are being grown with a risk of interruption to water or nutrient supply, VitaLink Hydrate can be a vital aid to growing. Key Features: Protects against drought conditions Stress relief Increases root mass and length Facilitates [...]

Monitoring and Control



Prolong the accuracy and lifespan of the pH probe on your pH meter with VitaLink ESSENTIALS Meter Store. pH meters are expensive. They will all degrade over time, but often degrade faster due to a lack of proper maintenance. With VitaLink ESSENTIALS Meter Store, keeping your pH probe in good condition and prolonging its useful [...]

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