Get a jump start on plantings with the ROOT!T Heat Mat!. Adding uniform heat to your plants will speed up germination by days! ROOT!T Heat Mat offers more uniform heating than others on the market with its intricate pattern of fine wire throughout its waterproof, frayproof layers delivering the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments. This [...]


Rootit Natural Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit Hydroponics The kit comes complete with a high quality seed tray propagator and a 24 cell insert and tray filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges that offer the latest and fastest rooting available today. It also comes with a sterile scalpel and sachets of ROOT!T Rooting Gel and ROOT!T [...]


Rootit Propagator Lid (57cm x 37cm x 15cm) Propagation Hydroponics The ROOT!T Large Propagator Lid has two vents for humidity control when growing outdoors and the whole lid can also be used on its own as a large cloche. Dimensions 57cm x 37cm x 15cm


The ROOT!T Large Propagator Tray has been designed to be large enough to fit a whole SBS tray (Cultilene/Grodan/Jiffy) or used with loose growing media as a seed tray/hardening off tray. Dimensions 57cm x 35.5cm x 5.5cm


X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators PT200 20, PT300 36, PT300 40,PT400 105 Hydroponics Aeroponic propagators with pump fittings and a clear lid with butterfly vents. Why choose an Aeroponic Propagator? – Stronger, thicker roots – Faster root development – Easy to check progress without disturbing the plants – More control over humidity and temperature – No messing [...]

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