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Clonex 50ml Propagation Hydroponics Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel The ultimate rooting compound – relied on by professional and amateur horticulturists the world over to deliver successful propagation. CLONEX hormone gel has successfully been used on billions cuttings proving its track record time and again. CLONEX Rooting Hormone Gel from Growth Technology is a high performance [...]


Rootit Cutting Mist 100ml Propagation Hydroponics ROOT!T® Cutting Mist is a spray that improves the success rate of cuttings. Ideal for use on soft and semi-hardwood material, it helps to prevent failures and deaths. Cutting Mist can be used to pre-treat donor plants 2-3 days before taking a cutting and also, to treat cuttings for [...]

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Rootit First Feed 125ml Propagation Hydroponics ROOT!T First Feed is specially formulated to give young plants the best start in life. It contains everything required for healthy growing during the propagation stage. ROOT!T First Feed promotes fast and healthy root development and is proven to reduce standard rooting times. It boosts resistance to infection and [...]


Rootit Stock Plant Tonic Propagation Hydroponics Ensures that the donor plant is at its best to deliver cuttings with vigour. Benefits: Maintains strong growth and good health in plants repeatedly used to take cuttings from Improves and promotes side shoot development Improves and enhances recovery time of your donor plant

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