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Pots and Trays

Air Pots Super Roots


Super Roots Air Pots Hydroponic Soil Media The Superoots Air-Pot is plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. It is made of recycled HDPE that can be recycled at the end of its life, but more over, it can be reused many times before that. The Air-Pot comes in [...]




Clonex 50ml Propagation Hydroponics Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel The ultimate rooting compound – relied on by professional and amateur horticulturists the world over to deliver successful propagation. CLONEX hormone gel has successfully been used on billions cuttings proving its track record time and again. CLONEX Rooting Hormone Gel from Growth Technology is a high performance [...]

Propagation & Cloning

Cultilene Propagation Blocks


Cultilene Propagation Blocks Hydroponics Media Cultilène is one of the world’s leading substrate producers. They have a great reputation in the industry as a company that puts the grower first. The Cultilène stonewool growing blocks have a very firm structure. A very high consistency and very thin fibre structure gives optimum root development leading to [...]


100% Organic plugs specially formulated for optimum germination of seeds or rapid rooting of cuttings.

Propagation & Cloning

Eazy Plug® Propagation Plugs


Eazy Plug® Propagation Plug Bags Eazy Plug® products provide a perfect water-air-ratio, which provides an ideal environment around your cutting roots. Thus, they can develop optimally. Through this and through the ecological quality of Eazy Plug® products they are the best alternative to conventional substrates such as potting soil or rock wool. Composition Eazy Plug® [...]


Essentials Heated Propagator A simple to operate system that gives your seedlings the light, protection and heat that they need. Two ideal sizes for a variety of pots and trays. Clear rigid cover with adjustable ventilation with a simple on/off heater control. Fixed temperature heated propagators featuring a sealed heating unit. Long lasting and creates [...]

Propagation & Cloning

Jiffy coco Coins


Jiffy coco pellets / coins Propagation Hydroponics Jiffy pellets are a really easy way of starting seeds and cuttings. Just soak the 38mm plugs in water, give them a gentle squeeze and put them in a propagator. They contain a balanced nutrition so no need to add anything. They are great for soil growers, and [...]

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LED Street Light Blue 6500k version fixtures are perfect for cuttings during propagation and the germination and nurturing of small seedlings.


Every grow stage: The LED Street Light purple 6500/2700k is a less hassle option that offers more freedom for growers short on time. Furthermore, Grow light strips from Street Light are highly efficient and cost-effective.


LED Street Light Red (2700k) is used during the flowering phase of the grow cycle. Furthermore, Grow light strips from Street Light are highly efficient and cost-effective.

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Propagation & Cloning

Prop- upz


Prop- upz Propagation Hydroponics A handy propagation tool to support seedlings through the vulnerable early stages of growth. Notes: Supplied in a pack of six.

Propagation & Cloning

Propagating Collar 2″


Neoprene Propagating Collar 2 Inch Propagation Hydroponics 2 Inch Neoprene Propagating Collar Neoprene padded collars or clone collars are designed to be used with aeroponic / propagating systems and will fit into 2 inch net pots. Pre-slit for easy insertion of cuttings,the use of these neoprene collars allows the cuttings to be held into position [...]

Heaters and Chillers

ROOT!T Heat Mat Thermostat


ROOT!T Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller ROOT!T’s Digital Heat Mat Thermostat controller is compatible with all heat mats and is an optional extra for the ROOT!T heat mats. The Heat Mat Thermostat helps keep the ideal temperature for faster seedling and cutting growth. It does so by controlling the temperature and switching your heat mat [...]

Propagation & Cloning

ROOT!T Large Value Propagator


ROOT!T Large Value Propagator This large lightweight vented propagator is ideal for those experienced growers who wish to propagate plenty of plants! It will fit a 60 hole insert for the ROOT!T Rooting sponges but will also be ideal for alternative types of media such as compost, coir and various propagation plugs. TIP: Leave the [...]


Rootit Cutting Mist 100ml Propagation Hydroponics ROOT!T® Cutting Mist is a spray that improves the success rate of cuttings. Ideal for use on soft and semi-hardwood material, it helps to prevent failures and deaths. Cutting Mist can be used to pre-treat donor plants 2-3 days before taking a cutting and also, to treat cuttings for [...]

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Rootit First Feed 125ml Propagation Hydroponics ROOT!T First Feed is specially formulated to give young plants the best start in life. It contains everything required for healthy growing during the propagation stage. ROOT!T First Feed promotes fast and healthy root development and is proven to reduce standard rooting times. It boosts resistance to infection and [...]

Heaters and Chillers

Rootit Heat Mat


Get a jump start on plantings with the ROOT!T Heat Mat!. Adding uniform heat to your plants will speed up germination by days! ROOT!T Heat Mat offers more uniform heating than others on the market with its intricate pattern of fine wire throughout its waterproof, trayproof layers delivering the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments. [...]


Rootit Stock Plant Tonic Propagation Hydroponics Ensures that the donor plant is at its best to deliver cuttings with vigour. Benefits: Maintains strong growth and good health in plants repeatedly used to take cuttings from Improves and promotes side shoot development Improves and enhances recovery time of your donor plant

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Heaters and Chillers

Rootit Thermostat For Heat Mats


Rootit Thermostat For Heat Mats Propagation Hydroponics ROOT!T’s electronic temperature controller is compatible with all heat mats and is an optional accessory for the ROOT!T Heat Mats. The thermostat turns the heat mat on and off. To maintain optimum temperatures, use ROOT!T Heat Mats with the ROOT!T Thermostat giving ultimate temperature control during propagation. It [...]


The Cosmorrow LED is a compact, durable, waterproof 24-volt LED light. It can be screwed in, clipped or hung, using the fasteners included in the Cosmorrow Power Supply, which is sold separately.

Propagation & Cloning

X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators


The X-Stream Aeroponic is an aeroponic cuttings propagator. The cuttings are placed in neoprene collars with a misting chamber during cloning. The stems are then sprayed with a nutrient solution. There's a constant supply of nutrient, water and oxygen, combined with the lack of restrictive growing medium. This encourages roots to develop rapidly as they ‘push out’ to access the nutrient solution.

Growing Media

CANNA Terra Seed Mix


CANNA Terra Seed Mix is a potting mix that is perfectly suited for germinating the seeds of your favourite plants. It works great in combination with CANNA Start. Advantages of CANNA Terra Seed Mix The homogeneous, stable structure of Terra Seed Mix is great for retaining water, which gives the seeds the best chance of germinating correctly CANNA [...]


Plantit Vermiculite Plant Growing Media 10L Bag PLANT!T Vermiculite is a natural sterile soft mica mineral with great water holding and insulation properties. It also offers a high cation exchange capacity which means it will slowly release nutrients back to your plant which it has absorbed during watering. Using PLANT!T Vermiculite can also aid propagation [...]


Plantit Perlite Plant Growing Media 10L Bag Perlite has been used by gardeners the world over for many years and when you want to improve drainage of your chosen media then use perlite! PLANT!T Perlite is a natural pH neutral sterile growing medium derived from volcanic rock. When using PLANT!T Perlite you can achieve faster [...]


PLANT!T Vermiculite is a natural, sterile soft mica mineral with great water holding and insulation properties. It also offers a high cation exchange capacity, which means that it will slowly release nutrients back to your plan that it has absorbed during watering.

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