Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy




Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Feed Sugars, Aminos And Vitamins 250ml, 1l Hydroponics Plant Food

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

How Sweet it Is! Give your plants extra energy so they maximize flower growth while feeding them flavour and aroma enhancers that make your flowers higher quality and more intensely potent.Whether your plants are blooming right now, or you’re preparing for bloom phase, this is the time to procure this product and look forward to better flavours, higher yields and stronger plants.


The next generation of plant energy supplements

Experience 29% larger yields — 67% better taste!

Promotes stronger plant immune systems

Feeds sugars, amino acids and vitamins to your plants

Stimulates stronger roots and faster floral maturation


Mix 2ml per Litre during weeks 1 through 6 of flowering phase.

May be used as a carbohydrate stimulant to feed beneficials during vegetative stage at 1/2 strength.

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Advanced Nutrients

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250ml, 1L


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