Liquid Ice



Liquid Ice Evoponic Hydroponic Plant Food

Even during the Irish summers temps can get out of control. Anything over 30 degrees will stress out your plants and reduce your yield.

Evoponics Liquid Ice has proven to reduce the effects of overheating in growing environments on plants, allowing the plants to not only cope but thrive when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celcius. Liquid Ice is designed to be used by growers who are striving to reach high levels of production economically and with the technology of tomorrow.

•Unique to Evoponic

•Advanced Biostimulant

•Takes growing to a new level

•Protects against heat stress

•Prevents Flower Abortion

•Allows Side-Shoots to grow on

•Produces more growth hormone

•Tested in the glasshouses of the Middle East

•Compliments Evoponic Feeds


Rates of Use: Soil/Cocoa/Hydro:

Add 3 to 5 mls per 10 Litres of nutrient solution.

ALWAYS ADD TO FRESH SOLUTION. Available in 250ml Pouches. Use higher rates on soil. Evoponic products work in harmony to create the optimum growth environment for high yielding healthy flowering and fruiting plants.


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