Extractor Fans

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Air Circulation
Great air circulation combined with an exhaust system helps disperse water vapor and heat evenly throughout the grow space. Small oscillating fans blowing above and below the plant canopy helps equalize the air so there’s no hot or humid spots. An exhaust system ensures that all the air in the grow space is replaced regularly, so plants stay cool, get a fresh supply of CO2, and live in the right humidity. It’s important for plants to be exposed to fresh, moving air for the best growth rates.

Extractor Fans

Can ISO Max 1 Speed Fan


Can ISO Max 1Speed Fan is a Swiss-made fan. This fan is unique because it's an integrated fan and silencer.

Extractor Fans

CAN ISOMax 3 Speed Fan


Iso-Max is a totally unique diagonal tube fan, designed to be efficient, powerful and silent.

Fans and Filters

Gekko Acoustic Boxs


Gekko Acoustic Box 150mm – 315mm Extractor Fan Wentylation Gekko acoustic Box fans don’t just look the part, they’ve been designed and engineered to operate at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air. They are premium quality products, assembled in the UK using precision engineered components. The highlights of the Gekko Fan [...]


Prima Klima Twin speed Extractor Hydroponic fan The new Prima Klima Dual Speed range of grow room fans are a must for those wanting a little more control over their growroom ventilation! High quality fans with a higher than average air/volume capacity, available in two models . Specifically designed for the horticultural market. – Significantly quieter [...]


An optimised design for high pressure and quiet air movement.


Ram Mixed-Flow Inline Extractor Fan 100mm – 200mm With 2 speed A switched two speed mixed-flow inline fan which is optimised for high pressure and quiet air movement. The RAM Mixed-Flow Inline fan has an integral mounting bracket and is fitted with an IEC socket. Featuring Fast Clean The RAM Mixed-Flow Inline fan features a [...]


Red Scorpion Inline Duct fans are constructed from carbon steel and offer real quality and high pressure airflow.