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The new Diamond Box ® Silver Line plant growing tents are an offer for all those who appreciate simplicity and quality at a competitive price! Diamond Growboxes from the Silver Line series are twice as heavy compared to similar eco-class tents, and thus have a thicker material and a more solid frame. An unquestionable advantage [...]

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Grow Tents

LightHouse Clone


LightHouse Clone Grow Tent The unit can be used as a propagation tent or turned upright to be used as a small grow tent in its own right. Extraction is via two 100 mm (4”) socks and a passive air vent fitted with fine (anti-mite) mesh. Comes with an integral waterproof tray. Tri-Layer 210 Denier [...]

Grow Tents

LightHouse Lite


LightHouse Lite Hydroponics Grow Tents LightHouse LITE is the tents for the grower who want no frills. It offers a simple and lightweight frame that incorporates nylon corners but still has multiple choices of ducting and cable glands all with double seals. The main frame is made from 16mm steel poles and has nylon corners. [...]

Grow Tents

Lighthouse Loft


Lighthouse Loft Hydroponics Grow Tents Lighthouse Loft tents are the premium tents for the grower who wants no compromises. Offerring durable and heavy duty frames that incorporate metal corners and the thickest and strongest poles on the market. It is made of heavy duty Tri-Layer 600 Denier material with a new reflective liner called UltraLux, [...]

Grow Tents

LightHouse Max


LightHouse Max Hydroponics Grow Tents LightHouse MAX is the premium tent, for the grower who wants no compromises. It offers a durable, heavy duty frame that incorporates metal corners, the thickest, strongest poles on the market and multiple choices of ducting and cable glands all with double seals. The attention to detail in the design [...]


LightHouse Round DryNet – 75cm (30″) Hydroponic Grow Tent This multi-layer LightHouse Round DryNet has been designed to hang in a growtent to allow customers to dry their flowers or herbs. It is collapsible and has 6 layers. This DryNet fits into a handy carry case.


LightHouse StretchNet is made from the highest quality elasticised cord that is knotted into one piece of netting to give additional strength. Simply attach the StretchNet to the poles of your tent at the desired height to give support to your growing plants. For best results – use 2 or 3 StretchNets per 2m high [...]


LightHouse Zipper Door – 2m Grow Tent A peel and stick zipper system allowing easy access and light control for any enclosure. Comprises a high quality, easy install zip that creates easy access points into any enclosure using plastic sheeting.


The Secret Jardin PROPAGATION range of product is dedicated to cuttings, seedling, and mother plants. Depending on the available space you have and how many cuttings you’d like, Secret Jardin provides different tents sizes, from the all-in-one Green House 70 to the dark propagator 120 which has several shelves. Description : Grow room station made of [...]


The PROFESSIONNAL grow room range is what you deserve as a grower. Made of a strong Ø19mm structure and a tear-proof 210D canvas, professionnnal grow rooms will answer all your needs and requirements. Dark Room includes many accessories to manage your space and make your life easier. Description : Professional grow tent made of the [...]


Want to get a successful harvest ? The Dark Street IV is our dedicated range for limited spaces from 0.36 to 1,44 square meters. Built with high quality materials, it brings professional standards to small tents users. Ready to use, you can install your Dark Street easily with all accessories that are included. Description : High [...]


Hydro Shoot Grow Tent have been manufactured for both beginners and experienced gardeners looking for a great value. Hydro Shoot fits perfectly for both growing and flowering thanks to all accessories you can use on it. Easy and quick to assemble, made of a strong steel structure and a full Mylar Fabric, Hydro Shoot are [...]


The small Secret Jardin Lodge grow tent uses the same technology as Dark Street and features 3 grow spaces.


LightHouse LITE Spare Plastic 4 Way Connector Grow Tent This is a spare fitting for the LightHouse LITE range of tents.


LightHouse LITE Spare Plastic Corner Grow Tent This is a spare fitting for the LightHouse LITE range of tents.

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