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Carlow Indoor Gardening passionate about indoor growing.

A website where you can securely search, select, and purchase quality name brand products without moving from your house or office.

Carlow Indoor Gardening selling products for indoor gardening. Offering a wide range of more than 2000 products: Aeroponics and hydroponics systems, propagator, lighting kits, fertilizers, etc.

The Lowest Prices!

Unbeatable prices! Thanks to the close relationship we maintain with our suppliers, we are able to offer the best prices on the biggest brand names.

Selection Of The Best Brands

Maximum attention to quality control. Carlow Indoor Gardening is not only a retailer! After much experience in this sector we have learned that it is not possible to sell a product based on the technical description and qualitative of the products but it is necessary to carry out in depth testing to evaluate all of their aspects including technical, duration, safety, performance, etc…For this reason we are the only commercial retailer that has chosen to use numerous and expensive equipments that carry out testing before putting the product on sale.

Availability Of Products

Over 2,000 products in stock Carlow Indoor Gardening selects a wide range of top quality products for indoor growing for its customers. All articles for sale are always available and ready to be shipped.

On-Time Delivery

Express Delivery normally within 2-3 days. With our express delivery you will normally receive your parcel within 2-3 days. Orders placed before 2pmcan be shipped the same day. Shipment is made via best express courier DHL, a leading providers of collection and delivery services for packages and parcels within Europe and throughout the world. In case of lose, theft, tempering or damage, the client is always insured and the parcel will be replaced. We have a spacious parking area and our ware house man load up the articles in no time!

Warranty And Assistance

On all products The warranty will apply to products that present compliance defects and/or malfunctions not found at the time of purchase, provided the product is used correctly and with diligence in respect of the intention and how much is provided in the technical documentation, in regards to the various operational regulations indicated. The warranty excludes faults caused by neglect, misuse or accidental damage. The warranty is individual and will apply only when the original is acquired to be retained as the direct client and not a merchant, retailer, etc. The warranty excludes consequential loss of consumable items, undamaged liquid substances in packaging and light bulbs. View terms and conditions .


All credit card transactions are executed on secure and encrypted communications. Purchasing on this website you will consequently make use of the automatic guarantee following: security of payments that allows our clients to be reimbursed in case of fraud.

Respecting The Environment

Encouraging recycling In accordance with the Restrictions on Certain Hazardous Substances (ROHS) Directive 2002/95/EC we certify that most of our products do not contain the following substances: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated biphenyles, Polybrominated diphenylethers. Our packaging’s are all made from recycled paper. The materials used for the filling are made directly by us with recycled cardboard.

Great Customer Service

Fast and professional service. Our phone, e-mail and Live chat  switchboard is available on +353 85 100 9509 from Monday to Saturday, 11:00 am to 18:00pm. You may also contact us by e-mail carlowindoorgardening@hotmail.com. Assistance before and after sale by qualified staff, specialized in the characteristics of the products and their installation.