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Grow Light Reflectors
Reflectors to control the radiant heat of grow light to achieve optimum lighting and yields.


Adjust A Wing Avenger Medium, Large Hydroponics Grow Light Adjust-A-Wing Original Avenger Reflector The Original Adjust-A-Wings reflector system. Features a superior high grade, glass coated aluminium shade which reflects 95% of all available light and will not dull or corrode under normal grow room conditions. SIZES: Large Avenger : Overall dimension at Widest Setting – [...]


Adjust-A-Wing Defender White Small, Medium, Large Reflector Hydroponics Grow Light The Adjust-A Wing Defender reflectors combine high-end technology, aesthetics and maximum features in a light weight fitting. They come with an adjustable double para-bole for perfectly focused illumination and special coatings that provide an evenly diffused light. The Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector is made from highly [...]

Grow Lights

Diamond Reflector


Ecotechnics Diamond Reflector 400-600 watt Hydroponic Grow Light The Diamond reflector puts down more light than any other horizontal lamp reflector on the market – when compared to standard Dutch Barn type reflectors it can help to increase yields significantly. Designed in a photometric laboratory the spread of light from the lamp is scientifically optimized. [...]


The Aurora is a state of the art 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH/CDM/LEC) grow light fixture.


Lumatek Commodore Aircooled Adjustable Reflector, the first fully-adjustable air-cooled HID horticultural reflector on the market.


CMH technology creates high energy PAR/PPF levels with low heat at full spectrum which is closer to sunlight and produces healthier plant growth and larger yield.


This Lumatek Tekken Pro Miro 630W DE Full-Kit lighting kit consists of the highest PAR/PPF output 630W DE lamp in the Tekken Pro DE hood driven remotely by the 630W CMH Dimmable & Controllable e-ballast.


It has an incredibly even light spread and produces low heat levels under the lamp. It can be lowered more than is possible when using normal reflectors without burning the tops of plants.


Lumii AeroTube reflector 125mm (5″), 150mm (6″), 200mm (8″) Hydroponics Grow Light The LUMii Aerotube is the latest inline aircooled reflector. This innovative product, when used in conjunction with ducting in fans, allows air to flow through the reflector helping to control the environment temperature. Available: Lumii AeroTube reflector 125mm (5″) Lumii AeroTube Reflector 150mm [...]


Lumii Maxii Reflector With 2 Hooks And Cord Set Hydroponics Grow Light The LUMii MAXii is a simple and easy-to-use Dutch barn-style reflector. It is an open ended highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector which gives an efficient and even distribution of light. Unlike others on the market, the LUMii MAXii includes a unique lamp [...]


Parabolic Reflector – Large Hydroponics Grow Light Parabolic Reflector – Large •Dimensions of assembled large parabolic reflector : Height 35cm Width 100cm Length 100cm •Suitable for use with 250W.400W,600W and 1000W HID bulbs,125W,150W,200W and 250W CFL lamps • Reflector supplied with 4 metre 1.5mm VDE cable •E40 bulb Holder Branded boxes with easy to follow [...]


PowerPlant UltraLite Reflector With 4m IEC Cord Set Hydroponic Grow Light This unique patented horizontal parabolic reflector is adjustable to ensure the arc tube remains in the centre of the reflector and can therefore take any lamp from 250 watt through to 1000 watt. This lightweight reflector is very efficient and maximises the amount of [...]