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Air Pumps

BOYU Air Pumps


BOYU Adjustable Air Pump S-1000, S-2000 Hydroponics BOYU Adjustable Air Pump S-1000 252 l/hr This quiet running air pump is highly efficient and has a low energy consumption. Features an adjustable air flow setting. Outlets – 1 (4mm) Power – 3w Also available with a 2 air output and a 4 air output BOYU Adjustable [...]

Heaters and Chillers

BOYU Reservoir Chillers


BOYU L-075,L-200,L-300,L-500 Reservoir Chiller Grow Room Hydroponics The BOYU Nutrient Chiller, helps to keep your hydroponic nutrient solution cool regardless of the temperature inside the growroom. Unique Features: Can be used for both fresh water and sea water Super-refrigeration can decrease the water temperature from 35°C to 18°C rapidly The micro-computerised control system makes it [...]

Air Pumps, Water Pumps And Airstones

BOYU Water Pumps


BOYU FP-350,BOYU FP-750, BOYU FP-1000 Adjustable Pump Hydroponics BOYU FP-350 Adjustable Pump 350L/hr The BOYU Liquid pumps are submersible and suitable for all hydroponc systems and nutrient solution pumping requirements. The shaft is non-corrosive and all line parts are sealed, waterproof and insulated. Disassembly and cleaning is easy thanks to the clever design. Max H [...]

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