Advanced Nutrients®: The Only Company that Understands Your Need for High-Yielding, Fast-Growing Plants!

If you’re using fertilizers made by other companies, you’re losing yield and wasting money.

Why? Because their products weren’t designed for the crops you grow.

One person understood this – Michael Straumietis, the man that would revolutionize hydroponics by becoming the owner of Advanced Nutrients, one of the most popular nutrient brands in the marketplace.


Our products and our company have been featured in leading magazines, such as Forbes, Playboy and Rosebud.

We’ve got a team of top scientists working night and day to make products that will make your grow room produce bigger, tastier, and more plentiful crops.

The plants you grow have special needs. Through rigorous testing, Advanced Nutrients became the first to discover these unique needs.

And we’ve designed products that give your crops exactly what they need when they need it.


That’s because no other company works as hard for you as we do.

Most companies use the cheapest materials and processes possible, and they spend hardly any money on product upgrades via research and development.

Advanced Nutrients is the opposite of that. We use the best source materials and manufacturing processes, which means you get stronger product

s that work better, cost less, last longer, and produce fantastic results.

pH Perfect® Grow, Micro, Bloom

Your crops will grow faster, flower faster, and yield more when you use Advanced Nutrients.

We constantly upgrade our products whenever our team of scientists and testers discovers new information or materials that will make our products more beneficial to your plants.

You’ll always get the most easily-absorbed, properly configured, quality-controlled products when you get Advanced Nutrients.



So How Did Advanced Nutrients Get Where It Is Today?

A decade ago, a businessman decided to revolutionize the plant nutrients and hydroponics industry.

The company owner, BigMike Straumietis, already had extensive combined experience in business, marketing, horticulture, and engineering when he co-founded Canadian Soiless Ltd in 1996.


In his personal life, he has experiences that make him primed for introducing new levels of growing success. BigMike comes to the hydroponic growing industry with extensive knowledge in both agriculture and marketing.

Courage, strength, and inventive thinking was needed to bring new blood and better products into the hydroponics industry. Growers were tired of getting the same yields year after year, and had hit a ceiling. Something needed to improve. BigMike was the man for the job.

After its founding, Canadian Soiless was at first a retailer – a wholesaler of equipment and nutrients made by other manufacturers. As the company reflected and listened to customer feedback, BigMike and his team began researching the products they were selling. They realized that these products were not specifically or properly engineered for the high-value crops grown by customers like you.

So, in 1998, Polar Bear Manufacturing Ltd. was founded as a company that makes innovative, professional equipment such as heat exchangers, fans, blowers, C02 dispensers, and climate monitoring systems.

In 1999, Polar Bear Manufacturing became worldwide distributors of high-intensity lighting systems made by Bell Lighting Technologies. Canadian Soiless and Polar Bear became hydroponics equipment industry leaders.

The most important thing about Advanced Nutrients is that we are always there for the growers – helping, innovating and creating new products to meet growers’ needs. Being close to the grower is what this company is good at – listening to problems and innovating improvements that affect the whole industry.

We have been at the biggest industry events.

Being close to our clients matters. The grower community and grow industry consistently confirm this. Not only are Advanced Nutrients products the best-selling ones on the market, but Advanced Nutrients has also received international acknowledgment.

The latest awards in the list are for the Most Fun Booth and for the Best Communication at Growmed 2013.

That said, the biggest validation of our products comes when growers show their desire for our products. This is why the massive craze for Advanced Nutrients products at Spannabis 2013 was an amazing gift, even if the outcome of the craze wasn’t exactly what we had in mind!

We are happy when you, as a grower, are happy.

Unprecedented Product Quality

BigMike expanded his research, development, and marketing after he discovered that fertilizers sold by other companies failed to maximize the profit potential of high-level hydroponics gardens.

He and his team of scientists discovered that most fertilizers lacked correct levels, ratios, and the types of quality components most useful for hydroponics plants.

After two years of field testing conducted by a team of five Ph.D.s, the company unveiled a startling new line of products specifically engineered for hydroponics, which differs from soil growing in many key ways.



These products, sold under the now famous Advanced Nutrients logo, embody a comprehensive approach to hydroponics growing.

They contain proprietary blends of quality micro- and macro-nutrients, amino acids, hormones, expensive chelates, plant growth regulators, vitamins, enzymes, yeast, yeast extracts, organics, carbohydrates, microbes, beneficial bacteria, and beneficial fungi.

Some products are almost totally organic, while others are synthetic-organic mixes. The company has created dozens of powerful growing formulas, including the Sensi Pro® Two Plus program, which features micro-adjusted week-by-week formulations designed to satisfy your plants’ changing needs during flowering and ripening.

The company then released a specialty fertilizer called Monkey Juice that maximizes the potential of coco coir root zone media while fixing problems caused by coco coir and inferior fertilizers.

We have also created a premium two-part bloom fertilizer called Connoisseur, which uses proprietary materials to push plants to the highest yields ever seen.

For growers who want the tastiest, best-smelling crops ever, Advanced Nutrients has created Sweet Leaf, which increases growth rate while sugaring crops so that harvests have a delicious bouquet and taste.

And all Advanced Nutrients products are backed by an unprecedented 100% guarantee. The guarantee means growers can buy and use the products with the assurance that you are getting the best for your precious crops.

Nobody else offers a guarantee like we do because nobody else tests, designs, and manufactures specifically for hydroponics gardening needs.

Ongoing plant-specific testing proves that Advanced Nutrients products greatly increase vigor, maturation speed, yield, and potency. Our products are engineered nutrition programs, soil treatments, root zone additives, foliar sprays, preventives, inoculants, compost teas, bud boosters, and other highly-effective specialty formulas that help growers create strong plants that are protected against pests and diseases that plague growers.

All our company’s products are manufactured using the best ingredients, strict quality controls, and automated safeguards, and are backed by the company’s unparalleled 100% performance guarantee.




Advanced Nutrients Products are Superior to All with the So-Called Competition.

In an innovative test conducted in 2003, a grower compared Advanced Nutrients to fertilizers made by five other leading nutrients companies in a side-by-side grow room comparison on identical clones taken from the same mother plant.

Advanced Nutrients’ plants substantially outperformed other plants.

We’ve been endorsed by thousands of professional and amateur growers around the world. Advanced Nutrients products have been favorably reviewed and featured in the world’s leading hydroponics magazines.

Internet grow forums often feature reports from excited growers bragging about their mega yield success using Advanced Nutrients.

Advanced Nutrients is dedicated to its retailers, to its customers, and to plants. Demand for Advanced Nutrients is skyrocketing worldwide; the company’s products are now available across North America, and in Australia, the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, and Spain.

Our website is constantly being upgraded and improved so that you get the latest information, customer support, free newsletters, and online ordering.


We make it easy for you to improve your garden immediately by giving you the best information available anywhere.

What Does our Company’s Past, Present, and Future Mean for You?

It means you can grow the best plants, make the most of your garden, and know that the Advanced Nutrients products you buy are absolutely the best you can get for the crops you grow.

Our products make it easier and less expensive for you to grow bigger and better crops.

If you want to grow the best, grow with the best.

Advanced Nutrients – home of exhaustive research, proven science, and extraordinary yields!


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