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Monitoring and Control

Calibration Fluid EC/CF


Vitalink Essentials Calibration Buffer PH7 Solution 250ml Control Hydroponics Essentials Calibration Buffer PH7 Solution 250ml Control Hydroponics Use VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer solution to calibrate pH meters. This pH 4 Buffer solution gives an accurate representation of the pH scale at pH4 to measure against. Use VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer 4 for a 2 point calibration scale. [...]


This product really comes into it's own when you need to keep an eye on the temperature in 2 places simultaneously. With this unit you can see the temperature of the air inside and outside of your grow room.


Simultaneously displays your grow room / greenhouse temperature and humidity.

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Essentials Moisture Meter


Fine Tune your drying process like a professional..


PH Meters are an essential part of a grow room environment. The ESSENTIALS pH Meters are reliable and hold up to 10 past readings. This means growers are able to easily keep track of their pH readings, allowing for quick reactions to any abnormal readings.

Monitoring and Control



The pH Test Kit is perfect for small tests and has a wide range from 4.0 to 8.5 Half fill the test tube with nutrient solution and add 3 drops of indicator. Compare the color with the color chart to determine the pH level. This test kit is reliable, easy to use and inexpensive.