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Eazy Plug® Propagation Cutting Trays Introducing the easiest and fastest way to propagate seeds and cuttings! The New Eazy Plug Cutting Trays consist of 100% organic plugs complete with cell tray. How do the cuttings root so quickly ? For starters they are preloaded with a special nutrient formulation ideal for rooting. This saves time [...]

Propagation & Cloning

Eazy Plug® Propagation Plugs


Eazy Plug® Propagation Plug Bags Eazy Plug® products provide a perfect water-air-ratio, which provides an ideal environment around your cutting roots. Thus, they can develop optimally. Through this and through the ecological quality of Eazy Plug® products they are the best alternative to conventional substrates such as potting soil or rock wool. Composition Eazy Plug® [...]

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