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Air Pumps

BOYU Air Pumps


BOYU Adjustable Air Pump S-1000, S-2000 Hydroponics BOYU Adjustable Air Pump S-1000 252 l/hr This quiet running air pump is highly efficient and has a low energy consumption. Features an adjustable air flow setting. Outlets – 1 (4mm) Power – 3w Also available with a 2 air output and a 4 air output BOYU Adjustable [...]


Hailea Super Silent Adjustable 4 Way Air Pump – ACO-9610 The Hailea ACO-9610 is a super quiet, 4 output adjustable air pump. -This pump produces a user-adjustable air-flow of up to 10 litres/min while creating very little noise. – Great for oxygenating your reservoir or driving an aquafarm. – Hailea is world famous for high [...]

Air Pumps

Newair NW


Newair NW1 – 1Outlet,NW2 – 1 Outlet, NW22 – 2 Outlet Air Pump Hydroponics Newair NW1 – 1 Outlet Super-Quiet Air Pump – 90 lph Air-pump for aquariums. High performance with low power consumption. Extremely quiet. Compact and powerful. Long life. Low-maintenance. Provided with an unique device for holding the air tube. Newair NW2 – [...]