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Air Pumps, Water Pumps And Airstones

Airstone 4 ” Round grey


Round grey airstone 4 ” Hydroponics Air Pump These EcoPlus Air Stone Discs are great to put at the bottom of your reservoir for aeration. Quality construction with foam feet to reduce vibrations. •Aerates and adds oxygen to the water •Circulates nutrients in the water •Helps maintain an even temperature •Durable plastic enclosure For use [...]

Air Pumps, Water Pumps And Airstones

Airstone Golf ball


Golf ball round airstone Hydroponics Air Pump 2 Inch or 50mm Diameter Airstone •3/16 (4mm) Fitting or 5/16th (8mm) for airline •High Output with very fine bubbles •Long Lasting Perfect for airflows of 1.5 Litres – 5 Litres per minute • For smaller tanks and bubblers (up to 20-30 Litres in volume) • Boost nutrient [...]