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Abscent Bag Backpack Black


All ABSCENT Backpacks are lined with Carbon and are delivered with a second removable separate Carbon Liner for Extra Odour-Absorbtion.

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Abscent Bags Mini Toiletry


The Mini Toiletry Bag is the perfect size for carrying your goods, this is a must have stash bag for your smell proof carry needs.

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C3 Airtight Alu Bags


Heat sealable airtight bags to lock in freshness


Integra Boost immediately responds and expertly adapts to the environment you place it in.

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Kilner Clip Top Handled Bottle


Kilner Clip Top Handled Bottle 200ml Sloe Gin Bottle with Clip Top Lid has a traditional locking system that creates an airtight seal.


Handsomely store preserves and sauces, with this Kilner Clip Top Square Bottle (1Ltr).

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Kilner Fresh Storage


The Kilner Fresh Storage Range is a one stop storage solution. This unique stackable food storage container has a glass borosilicate lid and base, a food safe, sustainable alternative to plastic that can be used throughout the cooking process.

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Kilner Preserve Jar – 1 Litre


The Kilner Preserve Jar is perfect for storing and preserving healthy, home grown foods.

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Kilner Preserve Screw Bands


For use with Kilner preserve jars.

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Kilner Round Twist Top Jar


Kilner Twist Top Jars and Bottles are a great addition to the range and are perfect for serving condiments and storing dried fruit and herbs.

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Kilner Universal Storage Jar


The new shape Kilner Universal Jars have a curved and graceful silhouette. Designed to meet a wide variety of needs.

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Miron Apothecary Jars


Our specialty range includes the apothecary jars named Libra. Pharmaceutical and homeopathy industries use them primarily to safely store medicinal products as well as special herbs.

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Miron Cosmetic Jars


These Miron glass cosmetic jars are part of the Sirius product family. The luxurious modern wide cosmetic jar Sirius series serves as the ideal packaging for products promoting an enhanced appearance such as creams, balms, masks, salves, or butter.

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Miron Glass Wide Neck Jar


All our bottles and jars are made from unique patented MIRON glass. This violet glass protects the bio photonic activity of the content stored in this glass from harmful rays of light. This characteristic dramatically improves shelf life.


The two jars stack on top of one another, allowing the consumer to fill with two different liquids.

Accessories & Tools

Zip Lock Bags


Ideal for storing a variety of products.