AEROFLO® The best performing, most efficient, and most flexible hydroponic system available. Used by scientific expeditions, and commercial growers around the world, the AeroFlo® is THE substrate free commercial system. Ranging from 10 to 120 plants per unit, and with unlimited number of units available, AeroFlo® systems are truly the most flexible way to produce [...]


Canna Mono Iron (Fe Chelate) 1L Nutrient Plant Food If your plants are suffering from a deficiency problem, this may be the answer. Mononutrients are essential for plant development. CANNA Mono Iron helps with the plant’s metabolism. This can be used with CANNA nutrients or any other nutrient range.


150mm Duct electric heater The Range Used Sheath heating Electric sheath heating allows you to heat the air into your ventilation system. Made of galvanised steel, it is compatible with 150 mm connections (sheath, filter…) Attention, despite two overheating protections (base and emergency), the heater should be turned off when the ventilation does not work. [...]


100% Organic plugs specially formulated for optimum germination of seeds or rapid rooting of cuttings


Gavita Pro E-Series 6/750E – The Most Efficient HPS Lighting Available This is the 750 watt addition to Gavita’s range of cutting edge 400v complete lighting fixtures. This system is without doubt the best flowering option available for a standard 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m grow tent, providing the flexibility to reduce output levels to [...]


HAILEA HC-150A, HC-300A Reservoir Chiller Grow Room Hydroponics It is always important to keep an eye on the temperatures of your nutrient solution. If your hydroponic nutrient solution gets too hot, it can breed algae growth and prevent the solution from holding in dissolved oxygen. This will lead to lower crop yields, or worse, destruction [...]


Lumatek Digital Ballast 600 watt The Range Used More light equals more yield! The Lumatek Electronic Ballast produces up to 30% more light output (lumens) than standard core and coil (magnetic) ballasts while drawing less electricity. Test data has shown that a Lumatek 600 watt ballast produces only 5% less usable light than a 1000 [...]

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