HPS Electronic Ballasts

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Grow Electronic Ballast
Ballast is the electrical component comprising of an ignition, capacitors house..


The Aurora is a state of the art 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH/CDM/LEC) grow light fixture.


LUMATEK BALLASTS BE SMART. BE DIGITAL. Lumatek digital ballasts are the most advanced lighting solution for modern horticulture. Small, compact, and completely silent these E-Ballasts are able to deliver more lumens while using less electricity than standard magnetic ballasts. Lumatek are microprocessor-controlled and able to evaluate and compensate for the actual state of lamp degradation and voltage fluctuations [...]


CMH technology creates high energy PAR/PPF levels with low heat at full spectrum which is closer to sunlight and produces healthier plant growth and larger yield.


This Lumatek Tekken Pro Miro 630W DE Full-Kit lighting kit consists of the highest PAR/PPF output 630W DE lamp in the Tekken Pro DE hood driven remotely by the 630W CMH Dimmable & Controllable e-ballast.


Lumii Electronic Ballast 250 – 600 W Hydroponics Grow Light The 600w Electronic Ballast is supplied as a stand-alone ballast with a flying IEC lead so you can add any reflector fitted with an IEC socket to start growing. The ballast features both dim and boost functions, having the ability to control the light output [...]


LUMii DIGITA 600w Dimmable BallastThe LUMii Digita 600w Dimmable Ballast is a fully electronic ballast, available in 600w (dimmable to 250 and 400w). This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at higher frequency (hertz) than the standard magnetic ballast meaning more light gets to your plants. It is also more efficient meaning more output per [...]