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Specially developed possible the purest Soil potting mix for plant cultivation..

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Plagron Perlite


Plagron Perlite is puffed volcanic rock that creates a porous substrate and creates better drainage. Use Perlite to improve the structure of your soil.

Growing Media

CANNA Terra Seed Mix


CANNA Terra Seed Mix is a potting mix that is perfectly suited for germinating the seeds of your favourite plants. It works great in combination with CANNA Start. Advantages of CANNA Terra Seed Mix The homogeneous, stable structure of Terra Seed Mix is great for retaining water, which gives the seeds the best chance of germinating correctly CANNA [...]


CANNA Terra Professional Plus is the purest potting mix possible for plant cultivation. It also gives the best effects with CANNA TERRA nutrients. The formulation is specifically developed for indoor, grow-room situations. Of course, it also gives good results outside. Advantages of CANNA Terra Professional Plus CANNA Terra Professional Plus is composed of airy peat [...]

Growing Media

Biobizz Light Mix 50L


Biobizz Light-Mix Soil Organic Potting Compost Media 50L Bag Light·Mix is the ideal substrate for organic growers who want to control their plant growth by applying liquid fertilizers (right from the initial growth). Micro activity is created as the liquids work with the soil to produce organic catalysts. Light·Mix® is also ideal for cuttings, young [...]

Growing Media

Bio Bizz All Mix 50L


Bio Bizz All-Mix Organic Soil Potting Compost Media 50L Bag BioBizz All-Mix was developed especially to be the best potting soil for organic cultivation. It consists of 20% sphagnum peat moss, 35% garden peat, 10% high quality organic worm manure, 30% perlite and 5% Pre-Mix. It is perfect for established young plants all the way [...]

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Biobizz Worm Humus


Biobizz Worm Humus Worm·Humus™ is high-quality, 100% organic compost. Our 100% pure, organic worm castings are lab-tested and to ensure the very highest quality they have not been produced using any farmyard waste, landfill waste or compost. Worm humus, also called vermicast or worm castings, is the final product of the decomposition of organic material [...]

Growing Media

Plagron Bat Guano


Organic Bat Guano has a high phosphorus content, sprinkle on soil during the flowering stage for increased yield and quality.


Plagron Lightmix 50L Bag Plagron Lightmix is a mix of the very best, carefully selected types of peat. The addition of various types of fibre and perlite results in a lightness and oxygen level found only in Plagron quality substrates. Only a minimal amount of nutrients have been added to Lightmix. This makes Lightmix the [...]

Growing Media

Plagron Allmix 50L Bag


Plagron Allmix 50L Bag Plagron Allmix is a mix of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. It contains various types of fibre and perlite which results in a lightness and oxygen level you have come to expect only of Plagron quality substrates. The abundant presence of unique Plagron worm castings ensures vigorous plant growth [...]


Plantit Vermiculite Plant Growing Media 10L Bag PLANT!T Vermiculite is a natural sterile soft mica mineral with great water holding and insulation properties. It also offers a high cation exchange capacity which means it will slowly release nutrients back to your plant which it has absorbed during watering. Using PLANT!T Vermiculite can also aid propagation [...]

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