Canna Mono Potassium

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Canna Mono Potassium (K 20%) 1L Nutrient Plant Food

If your plants are suffering from a deficiency problem, this may be the answer. Mononutrients are essential for plant development. CANNA Mono Potassium can help improve the quality and quantity of the flowering. This can be used with CANNA nutrients or any other nutrient range. You can optimally improve the quality and the quantity of the blooming top by using CANNA Organo Potassium. This organic product makes the cell wall stronger and in addition increases the resistance. CANNA Organo Potassium improves the bloom, the production of proteins and carbohydrates. Also, it improves the water management and the transport of water and nutrients in the plant. This fertiliser should not be mixed with magnesium and fertilisers containing calcium. As potassium fertiliser it can be used for example when there is a potassium deficiency. As a supplementary nutrient it can serve to stimulate the blooming phase.


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