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Ecotechnics Diamond Reflector 400-600 watt Hydroponic Grow Light

Air cooled reflectors are designed to remove the heat by actively ducting the heat away before it is allowed to enter the growing area allowing you to put the reflector closer to the plants.

The Ari-Cooled Diamond Simply connects to a 150mm extractor fan. Building upon the success of the Diamond Reflector, Ecotechnics are pleased to announce the release of the Air-Cooled Diamond Reflector. This brings together the unique reflective capabilities of the Diamond shape with the ducted cooling benefits found on the Coolshade reflector. For the first time this new unified solution enables growers to use the very latest cutting edge technology combined with tried and tested methods to gain superior results from their grow room.

The Diamond reflector puts down more light than any other horizontal lamp reflector on the market – when compared to standard Dutch Barn type reflectors it can help to increase yields significantly. Designed in a photometric laboratory the spread of light from the lamp is scientifically optimized. You can visibly see the difference between the amount of usable light being reflected by the Diamond and that being put down by inferior reflectors, but the best way to see how good this reflector is to buy one and trial it along side another brand – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. The spigot on the air Cooled Diamond is 150mm in diameter. The Air Cooled Reflector’s Lamp holder is also adjustable for placement of the lamp within the Reflector by 75mm

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