reg_v1.pngOur bags produce the same CO2 that mother nature does, by design.


What is exhale?

The Exhale is an idea that brings an important part of nature back to the indoor garden, CO2. Indoor gardening is a complex business and hobby. To do it right all the needs of a plant must be taken into consideration and more times than not, in an affordable way.

The ExHale bag is a patented strain of mycelium that produces an abundance of CO2 without fruiting. This means that when our bag is activated, the mycelium grows, eating the substrate it comes with, giving off heaps of CO2 straight into your garden, and it does all this for 6 months – guaranteed!


The exhale at a glance

Produces 6 months of fresh CO2, guaranteed,

Experience a 20% – 30% increase in yield,

Powered by patented genetics,

Requires no maintenance,

Made in the USA,

Requires no electricity,

Produces no heat.

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Each ExHale bag is created with a purpose, and each feature has a goal. We have designed and refined our bags to

withstand the challenges and strains that come with indoor gardening, small to large.


Breather Patch

The exhaust port of our bags. The microporous breather patch allows CO2 to exit the bag and also keep contaminants out.



We use a hardy plastic to resist puncture and subsequently contamination. 



Our substrate is a proprietary formula designed to give the CO2 producing mycelium a food source for the long haul.



Our mycelium is a patented strain of non-fruiting, high CO2 producing fungi that love bringing nature back to indoor gardens.

ExHale Homegrown CO2 is loved by Store Owners

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