With a stylish chrome finish, the RAM Floor Air Circulator is available in 3 sizes and each has a variable degree of tilt for the head. The smallest size has two speed settings and the two bigger sizes have three speed settings from a premium quality motor.

These powerful but quiet floor air circulators help to ensure even room temperature and act as an aid to plant transpiration. They have a finger safe mesh grill, are easy to use with now assembly required. They are fitted with a 1.8m power cord and plug


Air circulators work in a different way to fans and are better for moving air within a grow room. To maximise performance it is best to have them tilted upwards.

Product specifications

  Technical Specification
Size 230mm (9″) 300mm (12″) 400mm (16″)
Power 25w 55w 100w
Voltage 220 – 240V AC, 50Hz 220 – 240V AC, 50Hz 220 – 240V AC, 50Hz
Speed 2 speed settings 3 speed settings 3 speed settings
Head adjustment 360 degrees 120 degrees 120 degrees
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