Lighting from Gavita?

 gavita-300x112 Gavita horticultural lighting

Do you know that ? Gavita is the largest, specialized manufacturer of horticultural lighting in the world. We hold strong positions in horticulture worldwide.

They are not just another manufacturing company but fully embedded in the horticultural industry.

When it comes to developing an efficient and reliable fixture, there is more to know than just electronics. This specialized know-how is the basis of our success.

Gavita Pro e-series line

This is the answer to your question about advanced lighting for your plants. Top of the line fixtures with the ease of external control, for residential voltage and three phase systems.

Gavita created this lighting for you Much better! New electronics, New housing and external control by our Gavita Master controllers.

The master controllers, complete light control with safety features such as automatic dimming at high temperatures and safety shutdown.

 GAVITA-PRO-6-750E-DE-FLEX-570x301-2-300x158 Gavita horticultural lighting

Gavita Pro 6/750e DE FLEX


 GAVITA-PRO-6-750E-DE-FLEX-570x301-2-300x158 Gavita horticultural lighting

Gavita Pro 1000e DE


This is what you were looking for, A new generation of Gavita Lighting and Fan Master controllers…

Take control of your grow lights and fans. Switch, dim or boost them from a simple interface. Our improved, second-generation Master controllers now has advanced functionality like sunrise sunset settings, safety control features, independent light cycle, and the smart, integrated fan controller EL2F directly controls your EC fans for a stable grow room environment.

Master controller EL1 & EL2 – Gen 2


Master controller EL1F & EL2F – Gen 2