Intense 600

Professional grow tents dedicated to the intensive crops
It’s designed with Ø30mm bars and 900D tear-proof fabric. Thanks to the windows on the sides and the central corridor, you can easily access your plants. Extend the height of your tent by adding optional 30cm or 60cm extensions. Create your grow room by linking several Intense units together.

  • Four times less volume to manage at the humidity and temperature level.
  • Significantly higher yield (reflection and control of the atmosphere).
  • Management of different growing spaces independently of each other.
  • No destruction or modification of the building (humidity).


Reference INT600
Revision R3.00
Weight 141kg
Dimensions 600cm x 360cm x 245cm
Height Option 60cm
Web Plant Support 4 WebIT300W
Water Tray Fiber Liner
Double Layers Socks 4x Extraction Ø380mm
4x Intraction Ø380mm
4x CoolTubes Ø280mm
Cable Socks 12x Cables Ø75mm
Handling 3x Lighting holders and filter included, supporting up to 35kg
Length : 75cm
Accessories included Integrated SupportIT – Support Poles
2x Pair StrapIT – Strap for filter
16x Pair HookIT – Hooks for lighting
60x CableIT – Clips for cables and nets
4x Space Booster – More cultivation space
Lighting Advised 8x HPS 1000W
8x LED Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro
Volume Tent 38.7m3
Extraction advised HPS/HOT (Every 30 to 60 sec) :
Extraction 4640m3/h
Intake 2320m3/h

LED/COLD (Every 1 to 2 min) :
Extraction 2320m3/h
Intake 1160m3/h
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