Flood And Drain

Flood And Drain

Flood and Drain is a re-circulating timed hydroponic system. This method is also known as Ebb and Flow and Flood and Drain.

There are two types of Flood and Drain system – Table Systems, where media is spread on a table or the plants are in pots spread out on a table; and Bucket/Pot System, which consists of individual pots being flooded with an inner pot containing the media.

The main principal of Flood and Drain is to bring fresh water and nutrients to the root zone, therefore flooding the system and then drawing fresh air (oxygen) to the root zone, therefore draining the system.

It is a media based system, which theoretically can be used with any growing media, though a free-draining media like clay pebbles can be flooded more frequently than a retentive media like stonewool. This in turn refreshes both the nutrient solution oxygen more frequently. The Flood can be delivered from the top (flushing the old nutrient through better) or from the bottom (much simpler fittings required).

PLANT!T offer 4 sizes of Flood & Drain systems at Carlow Indoor Gardening, called the Titan.

IWS Ebb and Flood Hydroponics Watering Feeding System offer 5 sizes  From 6 – 48 Pots.

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