Quality, Value And Safety

Quality, Value And Safety

There are many different reflectors on the market today. Some reflectors are more efficient than others when being used for specific growing environments. Reflectors can be made from aluminium, steel sheet metal or stainless steel. Aluminium dissipates heat more quickly than steel. The steel is either cold-rolled or pre-galvanised prior to the application of a reflective coating.

Our specially designed horizontal reflectors direct all the light down to your plants, therefore ensuring a broad intense spread of light. All PowerPlant and LUMii reflectors are made using highly reflective material that is anodised and manufactured exclusively for the lighting industry. The anodising protects against corrosion and is scratch resistant.

Some suppliers use low cost flat mirror or other unsuitable reflector materials in their products, neither of which are meant for use in HID lighting. Mirror reflectors are not ideal, as they simply reflect the hot spots produced by the HID lamps, therefore giving a less even distribution of light. This in turn causes unequal growth or produces ‘hot spots’ of light and heat. Mirror shades should only be used for low intensity CFL lighting.

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