Pest And Disease Control

Pests and disease cause issues that can have a very detrimental effect on your plant and it’s health. A disease can be genetic, bacterial, viral or fungal in nature; however it is likely that you will only experience that latter of this list.

Therefore, it is important that you employ good practice in your growroom to help prevent pests and disease.

Keep the floor clean and keep all algal biomass off the surface of your growing media, as this can provide the perfect breeding ground for pests. Regularly using ESSENTIALS BlockClean will help to keep the biomass at bay.

Growers’ tools often carry many microscopic pests, disease and fungi that could ultimately destroy your crop. This means regular sanitary precautions must be taken. A separate set of indoor tools are easy to keep clean. Disinfect these after each use by soaking in or washing with ESSENTIALS RoomClean. This is also the case when taking cuttings. Always make sure you have cleaned your scalpel and board with ESSENTIALS RoomClean, otherwise you risk not giving them the best possible start.

Take care not to leave decomposing organic matter in your nutrient solution or any trays; as if it is not removed it can cause depletion in oxygen. Lack of oxygen around the root zone is a leading factor contributing to root death. Roots need oxygen, so that is why it is important to get rid of any decomposing organic matter. In addition, roots should never sit stagnant in nutrient solution; always aerate it with an air stone or air pump.

To limit outbreaks of Botryits (Bud Rot) and Pythium (Root Rot), it is good practice to wash down all equipment, reservoir, walls and floors with ESSENTIAL RoomClean in a concentrated form and flush irrigation lines in between crops; then allow to air dry. Spray any mother plants down with a neem oil solution, such as Neem Repel before you reintroduce them as an extra line of defence.

Keep an eye out for insects, which may attack your plants. Always hang sticky fly traps in your growroom or greenhouse to trap any unwanted visitors. This will also allow you to identify and treat any possible infestation at an early stage. Avoid using inorganic chemicals whenever possible, especially if you are nearing harvesting. Some insecticides and fungicides are highly toxic and could have a detrimental effect on your plants. If you use an insecticide, be sure to use one based on natural active ingredients, such as, Guard’n’Aid PestOFF; after all, you will probably be consuming part or all of your plant sooner or later – don’t poison yourself.

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