Organic And Soil-Based Growing

Organic And Soil-Based Growing

There are many options available to growers who want to grow using soil, but also organically. HydroGarden supplies a range of products to offer you peace of mind, whilst still ensuring great yields and quality end produce.

Nowadays, people are more aware of where their food is coming from and any products that may have been used on them in the growing process. Pesticides are used in both organic and non-organic commercial production, the only difference being the products actually used. The only way to be sure what has been used, is to grow your own, whether that be hydroponically or soil-based. Hydroponically grown crops tend to be stronger, healthier and therefore, more resistant to disease. There are a number of physical action ‘contact’ pesticides and biological controls available to the hobby gardener to control insect attack.

Attention Soil Growers…

For soil-based growers, whether in hand fed pots or using automated drip feed systems, we supply everything from the pots and saucers to soil-based growing media, from nutrients and soil-growing additives to watering and drip feed systems and more! Remember, that you can still enjoy the benefits from growing under the HID lighting when growing in soil and many hydroponic specific nutrients work very well when applied to soil grown plants, due to the full spectrum of minerals that they contain.

Attention Organic Growers…

We also offer a number of organic products for those keen to grow using traditional organic methods, or for those wishing to combine organic nutrients and additives with a hydroponic system. This last method is known as Hydro-Organics and is well established in the USA. Our range of organic growing media, organic plant nutrients and beneficial bacteria additives, such as, VitaLink BioPac are very popular. All are naturally derived from organic sources and are made from environmentally and sustainable materials.

Hydro-Organics An Explanation…

While some more traditional organic growers will keep their distance from the idea, there are a growing number of people who wish to ‘take the best of both worlds’ – by combining a hydroponic system with using organic nutrients and additives. This method of growing enables the plant to utilise traditional organic plant food source, yet also combine the water saving and wider environmental benefits of hydroponics. We fully support this hybrid of traditional and modern growing methods and believe it will become more popular over time.

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