Nutrients And Additives

If plants are grown in ‘inert’ media, the plant’s nutritional needs must be met by the nutrient solution supplied. Nutrients are the collective term for the mineral elements that a plant requires to grow. There are 13 essential mineral elements that a plant requires, which are split into three groups – primary, secondary and trace. It is vital to use a nutrient solution that is designed for the specific growing media, as it helps to provide a complete and balanced feed to your plant.

Nutrient ratios are commonly noted as NPK ratios, which stand for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K), which are the three main mineral elements required for plant growth. Secondary elements are, for example, Sulphur (S) which is needed for photosynthesis and Calcium (Ca) to help with transportation of nutrients around the plants; whilst the trace elements are, for instance, Boron (B) for building cell walls. It is important that a balance of all of these elements is included to achieve the best plant results. EC is used as an indicator to the strength of your nutrient solution.

All of our nutrient brands contain everything that a plant requires in exactly the right ratios to obtain maximum results. All the nutrients are mineral elements, which are water soluble. pH is important in allowing all of the nutrients to be available to the plant.

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