Horticultural Lighting

Light is the most important environmental factor to consider whether you are growing indoors or out. Depending on where you live and where you want to garden, the sun will not always be there for you. With the right grow light, you can grow literally any plant, anywhere and at any time, therefore making gardening a year-round hobby!

Based on proven horticultural technology, you need three individual items:

  1. A reflector, which protects the lamp and directs the light to where we want it
  2. A ballast, which contains the components necessary to ignite the lamp and to regulate the current when the lamp is running
  3. A lamp

Horticultural lighting is easy-to-install and cheap to run. All units are supplied wired and are ready-to-use – simply, hang your chosen reflector, install the desired lamp and plug the reflector into the ballast unit. Once this has been done, plug the ballast into a 240v power supply, via a contactor and switch it on. Reflectors, due to their light weight, can be hung from a simple ceiling hook or hangers.

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