Odour Control

Odour Control

Unwanted smells and outside air quality can be a concern for some growers and we offer a range of products available for use within the growing environment to help control this issue.

Carbon filters work by filtering the exhaust air using activated charcoal. This completely removes the airborne odour and outside particles when used as an air intake. Carbon filters will last between 9 months and 3 years dependent on the quality of the charcoal used.

We also offer ozone-producing products, such as, Hydrozone. The Hydrozone introduces a small amount of ozone into the growing environment, which reproduces a natural freshness and kills unwanted smells and disinfects the surface.

An alternative method of odour control is that provided by the Vaportek range of products. These use a unique cartridge with essential oils that treat the air as it is passed through the unit by the small integral fan. This is a proven, safe method of odour control for the environmentally concerned grower.

We offer odour neutralisers as well. NOdA is an odour eliminator, which masks the smell, but traps and neutralises it therefore, getting rid of the problem.

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