Air Neutra Breeze Fan

 Sure-Air-Neutra-Breeze-Fan-300x300 ONA Breeze Fan

The Neura Breeze fan fits the Sureair 1 Litre jars and 5 Litre Buckets perfectly

It really is as simple as it seems: unpack the fan unit, connect it to the supplied power adaptor and plug into the mains.

The Neutra Breeze sits directly on top of both the 1 litre gel jars and the 5 litre buckets.

The On/Off switch is located on the side on the fan.

Neutrabreeze fan is to be purchased separately -but you will find the Gel more effective if you use it !

Dramatically improves the performance of odour neutralising Air Freshener gels.

Fits directly onto ‘Sureair’ Air Freshener Gel 1 Litre Jars and 5 Litre Buckets

Powerful and quiet.Fills an Entire room with Air Freshener fragrance

Economical to run.

For Commercial Air Freshener Applications

Fan is placed over the top of the bucket -switched on -and that’s it ! The Gel needs a stir from time to time -and it will slowly over time evaporate -the Gel itself can be rejuvenated using the Sureair liquid ( which can be purchased separately )

The 5 Litre Gel if used constantly will last 3 months -however you will not need to that -just switch the fan for 30 mins when the noxious smell arrives -then switch off . Simple but very ,very effective

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