Air Circulation

Great air circulation combined with an exhaust system helps disperse water vapor and heat evenly throughout the grow space. Small oscillating fans blowing above and below the plant canopy helps equalize the air so there’s no hot or humid spots.

An exhaust system ensures that all the air in the grow space is replaced regularly, so plants stay cool, get a fresh supply of CO2, and live in the right humidity. It’s important for plants to be exposed to fresh, moving air for the best growth rates.

A nice breeze strengthen stems by allowing them to bend and sway like in nature. This builds up the strength of stems over time, which comes in handy when plants start to get big and heavy from bud.

Use Fans & Exhaust System to Control Environment Indoors

Some of the best tools to control air flow, humidity and temperature in the grow room are fans along with a way to vent out used air. Let’s cover what you need to know about fans for in the grow room and as part of your exhaust system.

Placing Fans In The Grow Area

Ideally you’d like a nice breeze surrounding the main canopy, which means you want air blowing above and under the plants.

Don’t point a strong fan directly at a plant, because too much wind can start to damage the leaves and stems.

After placing fans, check around the grow area to make sure that all parts get a slight breeze. If you feel stagnant air or a lack or breeze, you may want to adjust your fans.