ROOT!T Large Value Propagator

This large lightweight vented propagator is ideal for those experienced growers who wish to propagate plenty of plants! It will fit a 60 hole insert for the ROOT!T Rooting sponges but will also be ideal for alternative types of media such as compost, coir and various propagation plugs.

TIP: Leave the propagator vents CLOSED to increase humidity levels within the propagator aid germination. OPEN the vents when the first true leaves appear.

Rootit Propagator Lid (57cm x 37cm x 15cm) Propagation Hydroponics

The ROOT!T Large Propagator Lid has two vents for humidity control when growing outdoors and the whole lid can also be used on its own as a large cloche.


57cm x 37cm x 15cm

The ROOT!T Large Propagator Tray has been designed to be large enough to fit a whole SBS tray (Cultilene/Grodan/Jiffy) or used with loose growing media as a seed tray/hardening off tray.


57cm x 35.5cm x 5.5cm

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The X-Stream Aeroponic propagator

The X-Stream Aeroponic propagator creates perfect conditions for cultivating cuttings reliably and quickly.

The mist prevents root rot and drying out and provides unrestricted access to oxygen, the large vents in the lid provide humidity control, and the heated version enables you to raise cuttings in an unheated area all year.

Because the mist is constant, there’s no need to monitor water levels every day.

A higher % of your cuttings will root (many growers report 100% success rates) and the plants will be faster growing and more resistant to stress and disease throughout their life thanks to their incredibly healthy start.

X-Stream Aeroponic propagators have grooves in the lid to fit the Sunblaster T5 propagation lights. These nanotech enhanced lights run cool enough to be placed onto the propagator lids with zero risk of damage.

Encourages roots to develop rapidly, Rooting times are vastly reduced

Humidity Dome with vents, No air stone required, Robust design, No root rot, No drying, Mists 24/7.


20 Site  (20 plants):
L 46cm x W 39cm x H 40cm
Tank Volume: 8 Litres

40 Site (40 plants):
L 60cm x W 41cm x H 41cm
Tank Volume: 14 Litres

120 Site (120 plants):
L120cm x W 68cm x H 47cm
Tank Volume: 40 Litres

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