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Red scorpion filters are made using only the highest quality virgin mined activated Australian RC412 carbon.

They are made with an aluminium top and bottom so that they are light and easy to hang.

The large mesh on the outside means there is an increased number of vent holes per square inch resulting in higher airflow.

A carbon filter is a lightweight canister that is filled with activated carbon. Activated carbon is basically like a sponge.

As air passes through the filter the impurities stick to the carbon particles there by removing them from the air pushed out of the other end. This means they are particularly useful for removing smells from around a grow tent.

Activated carbon does its job by a process called adsorption. This differs from absorption because with absorption the material absorbing will swell in size. Carbon uses adsorption and it does not change in size when it traps impurities.

Features of the Red Scorpion Filter include:

• Made with RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon

• Lightweight and robust housing

• Comes with a pre-filter to improve durability

• Designed to last for up to 2 years

How to use a  Red Scorpion Filter:

The air flow of the fan being used must match that of the Red Scorpion filter.

Remove the box and plastic wrapping and fit the dust filter sleeve over the outside before using for the first time.

Mount the filter as close as possible to your grow space and ensure that all joins between the filter and fan are secure and that no air can escape.

Fit the filter to the intake side on the extractor fan.

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Red Scorpion

Additional information

Red Scorpion Carbon Filters

100mm x 300mm (L) – 350m3/Hr, 125mm x 300mm (L) – 430m3/Hr, 150mm x 300mm (L) – 470m3/Hr, 150mm x 600mm (L) – 900m3/Hr, 200mm x 600mm (L) – 1000m3/Hr, 200mm x 1000mm (L) – 1600m3/Hr, 250mm x 600mm (L) – 1320m3/Hr, 250mm x 1000mm (L) – 1980m3/H


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