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Prima Klima Fan Controller


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Prima Klima Fan Controller Intake and Extraction

The Prima Klima KLC-2M couldn’t be easier to use. It comes fully wired with a UK/Ireland 3 Pin plug with the probe pre-wired. Below are the steps you do when setting it up 1.Place your probe inside the grow area. 2.Plug in your extractor fan to the first plug on the unit. Set the idle speed of your extractor, example let us say 60%. 3.(optional) Plug in your intake fan to the second plug on the unit and set the idle speed of your intake, example let us say 40% (to create negative pressure in the box to stop odur leaking out). 4.Set the maximum temperature that your happy for your garden to be at, let us say 29 degree’s What will happen then is if the room temperature is below 29 degrees the extraction fan will run at 60%, the intake fan will run at 40% and if the temps stay below 29 degree’s then the fans will keep idling at the lower speed, reducing noise. However if the temperature reaches above 29 degrees then both the Extraction fan and the Intake fan will run at 100% until the temperatures drop below 29 degrees, at which point they will return to an idle state that you set earlier. Some people run passive intakes which means they only have an extraction fan. This unit is fine to use just as an extraction controller, you do not need to plug in two fans, it works fine with just one fan plugged in. Specs •ISO 9003 product (Triple checked and controlled) •Produced with the highest technology and material available •SMT technology used to produce Surface Mount Device (SMD), which turns it possible to offer more in less space •2 inductive power (2x 300 W or 2x 600 W, 230 V, 1.6 A) •Water and humidity resistant (IP54) •Ready to use with 2 meters cables


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