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Prima Klima Carbon Filters Hydroponics Wentylation

Prima Klima Carbon Filters have an 18 month life-span and will eliminate all unwanted odours and plant pollens.

The Prima Klima carbon filter use only the best activated carbon granules, CTC70 active carbon offering the best air flow possible.

These filters work up to a maximum air temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity level of 70%.

Make sure you purchase the correct size carbon filter to suit the extractor fan you are using.

The air flow of the fan should be slightly less than the air flow capability of the carbon filter.

Technical Details:

Prima Klima Carbon Filters 100 mm x 400mm

Max Airflow: 240m3/h

Optimum Airflow: 160m3/h

Connection size: 100mm

Height: 18cm Width: 20cm

Carbon: CTC55

Prima Klima Carbon Filters 125 mm x 400mm

Max capacity: 480m3/h

Optimum Airflow: 360m3/h

Connection size: 125mm

Height:400mm Width: 200mm

Prima Klima 150mm x 400mm

Max Airflow: 620m3/h

Optimum Airflow: 475m3/h

Height: 400mm Width of body: 250mm

Prima Klima Carbon Filters 150mm x 600mm

Max Airflow: 1150m3/h

Optimum Airflow: 700m3/h

Connection size: 150mm Height: 650mm Width of body: 250mm

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Prima Klima

Additional information

Prima Klima Carbon Filters:

100mm x 400mm, 125mm x 400mm, 150mm x 400mm, 150mm x 600mm


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