Newa Maxi MJ 750



Newa Maxi MJ 750 Hydroponics Water Pump

Powerful submersible water pump. Used in the Nutriculture large NFT, ebb and Flood and propagation systems.

Also very suitable for any DIY hydro systems. Newa Maxi-jet water pumps are one of the market leaders in aquatic pumps , they have a high output with a low power consumption, it can be used externally or submerged in water. Waterproof rotating water outlet, the pump is near silent and will not over heat under heavy use!

Submersible multi-use pump

High performance with low power consumption

May be used externally or submerged

Waterproof rotating 360º water outlet Silent, versatile, low-maintenance

Protected motor will not overheat

Innovative 3-suction cup mount support bracket


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