Caring for plants and people

At Biobizz we believe that plants’ and people’s health are equally important. For this reason, our products do not contain any kind of artificial additives, synthetic pesticides, or harmful heavy metals.

We only use 100% certified natural ingredients of controlled origin. If a product was grown with Biobizz, not only is it delicious, but it is also safe and healthy for anyone who consumes it.

We know that organic products guarantee the best results

Respecting the environment is a matter of vital importance, but at Biobizz we also believe that it is not necessary to give up results in favour of ecology. That’s why our 100% organic products guarantee an impressive harvest, both in quality and quantity.

Organic farming means making the most of what nature offers us. That translates into an abundant harvest, healthy plants, lush flowers and an intense natural flavour.

Only 100% certified products are 100% organic

We have created a line of organic substrates, liquid fertilizers, and substrate enhancers for the most demanding farmers.

Our company has more certificates than any other company in the sector to guarantee the origin and manufacturing process of all Biobizz products. We have worked hard to pass the most complicated tests and obtain the certificates that allow us to ensure our products are 100% organic and respectful with the environment.

BioBizz Products