CANNA Coco Professional Plus

CANNA Coco Professional Plus
CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a coco-based growing medium that offers the gardener and his plants many advantages in comparison with other substrates:

CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a pure, organic product with a homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering, eliminating the side effects of growing on coir, as coir could consume some of the nutrients.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus has a complex water/air system that provides the ideal conditions for growing plants.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus can be used a number of times and makes an excellent potting mix improver after use.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus = R.H.P. quality

CANNA Coco Professional Plus consists of 100% coco flakes. Specially selected prime Indian coconuts form the base for CANNA Coco Professional Plus. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds or soil diseases. Washed in fresh water means no salts are present. This makes it the best growing medium of the future.

The production process is subject to strict quality controls so we can vouch for this product’s quality.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus carries the strictest R.H.P. quality mark. Actually, the quality of this product goes well beyond the R.H.P. standard. In short, the R.H.P. quality mark means that the product is free of weeds. The R.H.P. inspection is not limited to the finished product but covers the sourcing and processing of raw materials all the way to the bag.

CANNA’s buffering process allows us to ‘pre-program’ the medium to a certain age. This ensures you get the same consistent, high quality material time after time.

Directions of Use

CANNA Coco Professional Plus

CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a top quality coco product that more than meets the strictest RHP standards. It distinguishes itself from other coco substrates by using first class raw materials and having optimum structure and purity. CANNA Coco Professional Plus consists of 45% wood cellulose which ensures that the physical characteristics are retained for a long time. The water/air ratio is 73%/23%. As well as this, a special procedure is followed for rinsing and buffering the coco flakes which are tuned to the needs of plants. This is necessary for achieving ideal growing conditions in the substrate so that the plant can develop optimally from the start of cultivation.

User Instructions

Use pots of at least 5 litres. The larger the pot the more constant the root environment will be.

If you use CANNA Coco Professional Plus in combination with the fertilisers from CANNA’s COCO range designed for this purpose, then you are investing in quality and certainty!

The plastic packaging is 100% recyclable

CANNA COCO Professional Plus is a 100% natural product, made from coco

Contents 50 L

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CANNA Coco Pebble Mix

CANNA Coco Pebble Mix
The newest addition to the CANNA family, CANNA Coco Pebble Mix is a mixture of 60% CANNA Coco Professional Plus and 40% CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles. Coco Professional Plus is a first-rate coco product that is made using top-quality raw materials. It has the optimum structure and purity, while CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles are made from special types of clay that have a low soluble salt content.
  • 60% CANNA Coco Professional Plus
  • 40% CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles
  • 50L in the bag

Research carried out by CANNA Research has shown that the 60/40 mix was the mixture that produced the most stable results in various tests.

Getting your plants off to a good start

A crucial factor when using an ebb and flow system is ensuring good root development in the plants. Often, only a few centimetres of feed solution is used in the pots and the excess is pumped away within ten or fifteen minutes. This is not sufficient for the food to be absorbed right up to the top of the pots. A good method to use is to fill up the containers with a mixture of coco and clay pebbles and use CANNA COCO A & B. Depending on the crop’s nutritional requirements, a solution of 1 ml per litre up to a maximum of 4 ml per litre will be enough. The plants can be set out immediately after the pots have been filled.

As soon as the plants have been set out, it is advisable to feed them in the regular way (i.e. from above, not from below), according to the requirements of the crop for the first week. It is crucial to only start using the (automated) ebb and flow system when the roots have reached the bottom of the pots (see picture 2). This will be between 6 and 10 days after the plants have been set out. As soon as the roots have reached the bottom, the standard CANNA COCO feeding schedule can be used as a guide to feeding, beginning with Vegetative phase II.

CANNA Coco Pebble Mix
Root system of a chrysanthemum after around one and half weeks in a medium of 60/40 coco/clay pebbles. The roots have now reached far enough down in the pot to be watered using ebb and flow.

Tips for watering plants from underneath

In ebb and flow systems, it is essential to ensure that the substrate remains sufficiently aerated, as many experienced growers will tell you. As soon as the roots are visible at the bottom of the pots, consider the following tips if you want to switch to watering and feeding using ebb and flow:

  • In the first few days, there should be enough time between watering. This is to ensure that the medium drains sufficiently. In other words, the medium needs to dry out properly between each feed. Feeding just once or twice a week is often enough.
  • For crops that need more frequent feeding, it may be enough to feed them once every two days. The crucial point is that medium must not become waterlogged in order to reduce the risk of a lack of oxygen in and around the roots.
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