The patented UltraLite reflector has a unique closed hexagonal design.

The enclosed structure maximises light output. Like many enclosed reflectors this design is great at aiming the light down onto the canopy but is less good at dispersing heat. This trapping of heat within the reflectors is less of an issue in grow rooms with good air movement between the light and the canopy.

One great feature of the UltraLite reflector is the adjustability of the heavy duty powder coated lamp holder. The adjustable lamp holder enables the reflector to take all lamp sizes and allows you to centralise the arc tube of the lamp so that you can get an even but focused light distribution.

The UltraLite reflector is made of high quality aluminum for maximum reflectivity and the aluminum is dimpled for enhanced light dispersal without hot spots. It is also lightweight, making it easier to hang and move in your grow room.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 520 x 500 x 145mm

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