Gavita HPS-lamps GreenPower-Plus-1000W-400V-EL-1-330x174 Gavita HPS Grow Lamp’s

HPS lamps are the standard in the market. The lamps used by Gavita are characterized by their high level of efficiency and long light retention. A major benefit of HPS lamps is the heat radiated directly onto the crop, as this encourages growth, and depending on the crop, the formation of buds and fruit.

High-frequency ballast

Gavita lamps are specially developed for a high-frequency ballast. The benefit of a high frequency is that the electric arc in the lamp isn’t extinguished in the interim, creating a constant and higher light output.

Double ended lamp

A double ended lamp sits on two sides in a fitting, so is always optimally positioned in the reflector. Double ended lamps are developed to negate the need for the return wire in the lamp, so 2-3% more light is produced compared to single ended lamps. The lamp is also much thinner, preventing light interception in the reflector.

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